14 comments on “1/10 oz Gold American Eagle vs 1/10 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

  1. ** I buy both types… I buy many more Maples than Eagles, 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 oz. gold. l feel the Maple with its four nines gold is far superior to the Eagles. Even the deep gold color (because of the high gold content) of the Maple is much richer and brilliant. I also like the way the Maples are "mint sealed" in the clear plastic wrappers… Kinda adds authenticity to your purchase. Be well, stack on!

  2. This is what they are always trying to sell on TV. 1/10 ounce coins, yet, they use 1-ounce sized coins in the adverts. Customers get these pathetic small coins

  3. I have a maple leaf coming in the mail now, can't wait to hold it, it'll be my first time owning a gold coin.

  4. Their both 1oz 24 carrot gold, but the eagle is slightly heavier because it’s not pure like the maple leaf, so it’s not as soft, but their both 1oz of 24 carrot gold

  5. You know the dimensions of both of them? I recently got one of those maples and I want another to put in a ring but cant find a ring specifically for them. Found plenty of gold American eagle ring bezels. Wondering if one of those would work.

  6. Good comparison. Gold IS pretty BUT IMO silver is prettier metal. Something about that shine and mirror image. You don't get that w/gold. On whether the MLeaf or Aeagle is better? JMO but if I'm going to buy gold why not get the pure piece. both nice, "eagle" has familiarity in the US but I agree w/you that Canadian coins are superior not to mention they have some pretty sweet mini-series like birds of prey (love the reverse proof falcon) I also like how RCM has different weights to like the wolves at 3/4 and the next one I want to p/u which is the snow falcon at 1.5 oz. Best thing to do for non-believers/nay sayers? Take a 1/4 oz eagle and let them flip it. Another nice small weight is the 1/25 Austrian gold coin, cute as a button, (bout the size of one too) amazing how much detail they get into such a little coin.

  7. SS, sub me up when you can. My channel presents coins from around the world. I subbed you several weeks ago.

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