20 comments on “2017 10 oz Canadian Silver Magnificent Maple Leaf Coin

  1. It should be as advertised. I'm sure It didn't say "each coin comes in a cracked capsule"? Beautiful coin.

  2. You had luck that only the capsul is broken. I bought over Ebay a 2oz Liberty Island Ultrahigh Relief and the coin was nice packaged, but the coin has a dent on the outer ring. Seems like the guy stored them in bags and then they knocked together. OK, i only bought this coin for the motive but the dent sucks.
    For the broken Capsule: All collectors say "Buy the coin, not the COA, Capsule,… is importent. Only the coin itself matters."

  3. im from eurorope so silver is a little bit more expensive here and i could get it for 180€ is it worth it?

  4. Why are you whining about getting a clearly ms70 coin? Buy another capsule and call it a day if they won't give you one for free, most companies will send them out if they are broken and you give a crap, they know some people won't say anything……that would be me. If they gave me an ms70 coin in a cracked capsule I WOULD JUST GET ANOTHER ONE. You should be grateful they didn't give you one with dings, pings and milk spots or where the roller for the hair ran over the queen's face (lol) (I kept that one–a 1 oz.)………seriously when you get a nice coin like that from a coin dealer count your blessings……..and you can sell it to me. I'll buy it. AND that is NOT a mediocre plain coin……it is designed that way to make the maple leafs stand out visually and that it does. It's a nice coin. Like I said, sell it to me, I'll take it.

  5. Why should you lose on this , this is why they have insurance. If you did the unboxing you can prove it came that way. Ask for a new capsule

  6. Wow…really sweet looking Maple Leaf!

    I just subscribed to your channel. Please consider subscribing to my channel as I feel we have very similar goals in terms of why we buy precious metals.

    I also like the interesting combination of "vegan" and "stacking"….this seems to be a first.

    Keep up the good work with your videos!

  7. If the listing for the coin said that it comes in a capsule then by all means REQUEST a replacement capsule and show them your video or a .jpg image. If however, the listing did not mention the capsule and they gave this to you for nothing then you have no position and should be grateful for the cracked case, which is far superior than just being wrapped in garbage plastic. It is our DUTY to report flaws like this or we will lower quality across the board for everyone. DON'T SEND THE COIN BACK and make them give you a return authorization and pay for the shipping if they want the cracked capsule back. The coin is gorgeous and the capsule represents less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the value so get over it! (lol)

  8. I like your coin. I have the 10 oz. Niagara Falls coin w/ a young Elizabeth on the obverse. I'll have to check out GovMint now.

    I like your wedding ring. Is it Platinum, Palladium, Silver, White Gold or…?

  9. Call them. Send them a pix of the crack capsule. Maybe THEY can just send you a replacement capsule.

    I bought about 30 capsules from Provident with a big order. I had 3 capsules that were pretty scratched. The Customer Service lady gave me a big fat NO. The capsule was to protect the coin and it didn't matter if it was scratched. The thing is…when I put the coin in the capsule, it looked like the coin was scratched. .

  10. i took mine out of the cap, im going to enjoy it daily! That sucker sits on my couch next to me and will age and tone naturally. i may use it as beer coaster. it will never be worth 10,000$ unless silver spikes to $1000/oz and the condition of the bullion wont matter.

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