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  1. Missed this video in our initial research but happy to have found it today. Great video my friend. Take care and be careful out there. Peace

  2. What's your thought on diversifying with BitCoin? I've been diversifying with metals but the returns are slow… aside for numismatic values! Thanks mate

  3. I've been here for 5 months or six months I don't know no more than seven months and I'm still new so watching channels like yours. I always want to know what's the best to buy so I decided on buying everything I like the ones I really like that got me started and now I'm trying to figure out the ones to buy and I see the pandas and the pandas are to me the most popular and they appreciate pretty quick so is the Eagles and the Britannia and like you I like the collectibles unconstitutional silver and I started stacking when the price hit $ 20 and went down words too $16 it just stays at 17 $18 the most and I got in a good time so I'm pretty proud of that I just got to buy more but I also got jewelry and gold I bought the Mercury dime and 24 carat I'm buying the standing liberty 24 Carrot and the Walker 24 Carrot and now so I'm going to put away and that's it for gold unless something else better comes out but I can't afford an ounce unless I get rid of my stack I think silver is going to blow up it's going to go through the roof again because it's too low and it's going to go up with all this greenhouse stuff the shuttles in the satellites all these space projects Plus the solar panels then you know they need the stuff so we'll see right that's all we can do but right now I'm up either way cuz when I bought I bought most of it and 16 through 18 dollars and the other half I got from family so and I'm always up if you can leave me a message when there's a good coin that comes out that you think will do really good and if I like it I'll buy it but I need a coach cuz I don't really know what I'm doing. thanks Shadow stack. and I'll be talking to you cheers

  4. No matter how many times I watch this video, I still laugh at 8:03
    So much solid info in this video that I found absolutely priceless. This is what some might call "giving the game away for free", but it's highly appreciated.

  5. Did I hear you correctly that you would advise 80% weight…… 20% collectables?
    Exquisit collection mate

  6. Wow great story, your kids and partner are very lucky to have you looking after them.

    I've also seen just about every documentary on 9/11, climate change, Libya conflict etc etc it's funny how the stacking community have similar views on the system as a whole.

  7. I have to agree. The worst to sell back would be those overpriced art bars that look like they were poured in someones back yard. Like those YPS,Monarch,Atlantis etc.. those things sell for 60% or more premium.

  8. A big problem that I see with these "silver stackers" is that they tend to be more of collectors then investors if your just collecting your basically throwing your money away. When I buy silver I only buy 100 oz bars and not coins you end up paying so much more for coins then bars and $2 dollars extra for each coin because it needs a case lmao that is completely okay to do with 1oz gold coins because they hold so much value in a small space but it is completely idiotic to do that with silver coins. I only buy 1 oz gold Brittanias and 100 oz Royal Canadian mint bars that's all I buy nothing else. These so called investors are really just setting them selves up for failure. And it's best to have 80% of your stack in GOLD and the other 20% in silver…

  9. almost correct! to avoid government confisication, only buy legal foriegn currency, is not gold or silver… its the yaun or sterling or dollar, ya dig? if they outlaw foriegn currency… hell, then its a gold bar with a 20 dollar blow torch. are ya feeling me yet? please help our bar stackers. we know we are right and the gov is always wrong, why risk it, we could lose peopke as smart as ourselves, that is if you dont protect them and give better advice.

  10. Really good video. Nice to learn a little about you, I'd wondered how the hell you could afford all this, too! Subscribed.

  11. Yo are so inspiring. I'm watching all your videos back to back. I'm 25 and started my stack end of last year, wish I started sooner. It's going to be metals first then property for me. I hope you continue to make videos

  12. The best coins are .999 government coins.
    Bars – fake centers, questionable purity and shapes
    Rounds- purity, weight and size
    Junk silver- unknown purity and content, age, Identification ,ware many denominations.
    Merchants and individuals not educated in the precious metals will be reluctant to
    trade or barter with anything but a reliable coin like the Silver Eagle, Mexico and
    Canada also produce a reliable .9999 purity coin .
    People with junk silver will always trade their silver with a .999 Silver Eagle.
    Silver Eagle owners will find they have the better coin in a currency crash.
    Silver eagle owners will go to the head of the class in the retail stores.

  13. can you do a video on how you check y coins when you get them home,I've subscribed I'm well impressed with your honesty about money etc ,

  14. the best to buy in a way is nun the fact is the best thing would be buy coins from all over the world that are of the silver coin past of that country but only buy from countries that still oner the coins at face value if the silver goes down and only in the countries that have a huge holding and do not change their money all the time. my self I get mex,us and Canada they will alweese hold value if the would goes to shit. now if you hav eto have bullion get Canada maple coins thay still hold a $1 value if silver drops to nothing and they are the .9999 so they can be used in the case they are needed for medical treamends like medication or for antibiotic uses or even internal repairs of the body tis is if the world goes to hell. a nother thing to add. is you may want to think of not hording anymore. china is unloading silver flooding the market its projected that in the next 6 months silver will be $10 a oz with in a year it will be worthless. the people of china are opening mines every day that are revocering so much silver the market cant handle it. this happens as the government wants money and looks at how to get it the fastest and that is to blood the market cousing a drop in it then when its worth nothing buy as much as they can hord it and not lot anyone have it couseing us to find other things to replace it and a need to never use it again.

  15. I came to the same conclusion my lord, the majority of my stack is coin of the realm, glad we're on the same parchment.

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