18 comments on “Canadian Maple vs. American Eagle what do YOU prefer?

  1. Since I don't expect to get more than spot price when I sell them, I usually buy based on premium. Right now I have nearly equal quantities of both.

  2. Doesnt putting a maple in a airtite keep them from getting milk spots? Or do they just get milk spots no matter what

  3. I have a question. Why isnt 9999 worth more than a 999? Ahouldnt it be worth a little more since its more pure? For example a 14 karat gold ring isnt worth as much as a 24 karat gold ring of the same size weight right?

  4. The American Eagle is more beautiful and highly prized by buyers, but the maple is cheaper and has better technology (and higher purity). I never buy eagles at retail, but I do buy maples. I also buy gold maples, but not american gold eagles (22 karats is silly for a bullion coin).

  5. I like the maples a lot but my LCS will pay 1 under spot for every coin and round except American Silver Eagles. They pay spot for that. That's a pretty reason to like Silver Eagles better. It's not just about what I want…it's about what the market wants.

  6. I like the eagles because I’m American and the eagles look better. But the maple leafs do have .9999 instead of .999

  7. My favs in order are the Eagle, Maple, and the Britannia. I only wish i had the cash to buy more than one at a time….

  8. The queen is going to die soon sorry to say…the maple will be worth more in the future..I prefer poured silver bars..check out Bullseye Silver Bars on eBay!

  9. I am Asian and iI like the Silver eagles more because they don't have Milk spots. I supposed to like the Maples because of it's face value and purity of four nines but milk spotting destroys it's looks. I had a tube of maples that all has milk spots very horrible

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