20 comments on “Gold Melt: PAMP Suisse and American Eagle HD

  1. That bar you just poured isn't 24k gold because the eagles are not pure…they have 2 other metals in them besides gold. This is why the most popular comment on this video has so many likes…..Hopefully the uploader of this video has educated himself by now and I hope you didn't rip anyone off…..also.. anyone that knows how to test for purity will know.

  2. This is dumb, and no one is going to pay a premium on that crappy bar you made. You lost money on this one. PAMP is very recognizable and does not need to be tested so long as it is in packaging with COA. This makes no sense. Buying high premium silver just to melt it. When you could have bough ten shot.

  3. This is the process of making bullion in Poland. They take .925 gold and .999, mix it together, lose the premiums attached, and melt it into an unidentified, ugly looking bar that has to be sanded with a wire wheel. When they change the light bulbs in the factory, one guy holds it in place while 3 other men lift him up and twist him.

  4. This video shows just how much premiums don't mean anything. So the next time you make a purchase, don't think in premiums.

  5. They are stupid for melting those bars and coins because they were worth more before they melted them.

  6. The only reason I could see melting these Beatiful coins/bars down is that they are stolen.maybe taken in a violent robbery/home invasion and the new owner doesn't want to take the chance of being caught or he's about as smart as a box of rocks…

  7. The thing is, you American Eagles are not pure gold, they contain silver and copper as well. So you've made some a strange mixture of gold, silver and copper in some unknown ratio.

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