17 comments on “New Stunning Variant to the new 2018 Canada Maple Leaf Silver Bullion is a Must Have!

  1. Where did you get this particular coin because I looked and they don't look like that one.
    Checked Ebay and the ones there have tiny ridges or lines going through them.
    The one you show is smooth like frost

  2. i have a1941M half dollar that doesn't exist , it's war time money from Manilla , coin shops seem to know nothing about it or their willing to give me 3 to 4 dollars for it , how about that ! any help would be appreciated , thanks

  3. Thanks for teaching me about coins I have a question about coins 2018 I have a D overD aD on top of D's and A D to the right of D's

  4. Sorry if this sounds corny but thanks for all the free videos and knowledge you've provided. I appreciate it!

  5. The RCM has terrible QC and imho they are still not addressing any of the QC issues, but simply putting a band aid on them by releasing some coins coated with whatever that's supposed to prolong the wait for them to eventually as always, milkspot.

  6. Of course I love them. I get a tube a year. Those I hold but will melt extras for special projects as well but usually stay with their 10 oz bars for melt stock. These though are really nice.Thanks bud.

  7. It looks like a really nice coin with a with a beautiful design, I'll see about picking one up! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I thought the same thing so I nabbed one too. I also really like Somali elephants this year, great detail

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