20 comments on “Silver unboxing! 2018 Incused Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

  1. I really like your videos, they are interesting and informative, but please, I’m begging you, don’t put on those clean white cotton gloves until you are about to handle the coins. The sticky tape, and paper fibers are getting all over your beautiful coins. Thank you.

  2. The coated coins like the burning sativa milk spot too. Got two hybrid coins that are pretty messed up.

  3. Good purchase their new desighn is nice. I just picked some up from ebay. Silver gold bull. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Damn, they look really good! I'm a sucker for Canadian maples and I've never had milk spotting issues with any of my maples. Thanks for the vid!

  5. So the capsules will HELP and INSURE that the "milk spots" still won't show up ?
    I told you I ordered those 2014 Britannias with the horse privy around the edges for .99 CENTS over spot. I could only afford the (6) of them to meet the free S&H.

    They came in almost perfect. No "milk spots" after 4 years. (4) of them are perfect and (2) has like a 1/16 inch little nick on the mirrored background finish. They are cool.

    I have to find out what size capsules they take. Didn't they change the size of the Britannia at some point ?

  6. Great unboxing! I am holding off to see how the new wash works out. Thanks for sharing brother!!

  7. Yea man idk if it's "over spray" lol or what, maybe dandruff?? I think we're good, nice coin yea!

  8. Hi friend! Nice coins! Haven't picked up any of those yet, does the new "shield" process apply to the incuse coins? Wasn't sure…. I'm with you on the spot issue with Canadian coins, I own one only. No spots yet! 🙂

  9. I picked up the 30th Anniversary Maple and I have a few of the reverse proof coins but every other Maple I own is nothing more than weight – straight into a tube. RCM's quality control is pretty much shit as far as I'm concerned. Remains to be seen how effective their milk spot remedy will be – LOL. Still, 5 ounces of shiny is still 5 ounces of shiny, eh? haha Great vid.

  10. I plan to pick up at least one of these, I really hope the milk spots aren’t an issue.

  11. I really like the Maple design but am still waiting for our Canadian neighbors to defect from the British tyranny. 🙂

  12. Umm intresting seen a few now and all have same issues noticeable on queen..plus the fields look discoloured in places and not of same usual quality baring milkspots they normally are better. Just don't tilt them a certain way they look great. Thx for sharing

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