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To possess a metal detector does not only mean opportunities where you can have fun and earn money at the same time. Just as the cliche goes about having much more responsibility as a result of great power, owning such type of device would also mean that you need to uphold certain rules and duties. Your ability to discover metallic valuables can be subject to abuse if there is no ethical and moral norms to abide. In fact, fully established hobbyist organizations have been known to be strict in the implementation of such rules on their general memberships. Hence, it is best for you to learn some principles on being a great hobbyist who uses metal detectors.

One of the first few things you must know before you go out with your metal detector for some combing or prospecting is the law. There may be laws that cover the activity and it is your obligation to know this instead of waiting for a law enforcement officer to do so. There are state, federal, and county laws and you may have to be well-informed on those that govern the use of metal detectors in order to avoid trouble with the police. Of course, you also have to respect the laws on privacy even if you believe that you could strike buried metallic treasures on somebody else’s land. You may have to ask permission from the owner before entering his property. In fact, to make it formal, you may need to make a written request for permission.

Another golden rule you have to remember is regarding excavation. You should never leave an open hole as this may result in the injury of others. If possible, cover this with the same soil material that came from it. Even as you excavate, make sure that you lessen the damage resulting from the activity. Try not to change much on the vegetation of the location that you are doing your metal detection in. If you are searching metals in a federal park, you may have to report your findings to the authorities first, especially if you believe that what you have found is of significant historical value. If you found someone else violating such rule, then you have the right to report his activities to the appropriate agencies.

A metal detector is not only the hobbyist’s best tool; it is the only tool that can make him last in this field. That only means a hobbyist should first learn to look for the best metal detector.

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