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  1. Now the problem is when they call me to say I've won and need to send them the taxes first. I'm probably going to hang up because I'll think my info was hacked and it's a scam.

  2. Awesome!

    That was a really professional sounding video. I entered, you were right it was kind of tricky to find. Thanks, great video. Keep me coming.

  3. Thanks for info i entered and going to win thanks i will pay tax for any winner i get the coins sorry have to ship a few to this video poster only fair

  4. Thank You. I'll throw more than a couple of oz your way. And yes, that's in writing…well sort of. more like type…lol

  5. Give away a box of maples – our legal tender – and not available to Canadians. Our gov't does the samething..

  6. I signed up yesterday, hope I win, hope you win, hope someone we know wins lol, good luck man!

  7. I wanted to listen to the maple leaf privy series but you are talking  about everything else

  8. i got two wolf privy coins but the frosting wears down if its nots flex sealed. i got three rcm panda's in flex seal and they are really nice coins 🙂

  9. Nice video, thanks. I find it's always hard to tell what coins will be difficult to sell or liquidate later on, but it seems these privy coins have some advantages over the regular silver maples. I like the reverse proof, they don't seem to develop milk spots like the regular silver maple leafs and they have a lower mintage. I guess I would be surprised that they wouldn't be as good an investment (or better) than the regular silver maples. Am I missing something here?

  10. What about the Canada 150 aniversary privy? Im thinking about that because it is a big aniversary but it is not in a series

  11. The E=mc2 privy coin seems to be reaching fairly high these days. Also I grabbed the bigfoot because…..bigfoot…but yeah I agree with this 🙂

  12. My thoughts: I agree with you. Certain privys will do well like the wolf, grizzly and panda. Others like the monkey will not because also in 2004 there was a monkey privy. This is the second time the Canadian mint has put the same privy mark on the coin.


  13. Silver Picker, enjoyed your video of "Privy" marks. I have 3 each of the Wild Life Series, Now I've started on the Reverse Proof Wild Life Series Privy. Also agree on too many privy marked coins. A short series of privys I think will do better than 8 or more, or as you say *random marks. P S / So far NO spots on any of these coins ! Bought Early! Thanks for the info.on P. marks.

  14. I do like the privys for some reason, I have just got into them. I dont know about investment wise though, I buy it because its silver and I like it, if it goes up in price because of the privy then more power to it.

  15. Yes sir my friend, they are great-looking coins for sure. I have just started picking up a wider variety of silver coins and bullion and even picked up my first gold 🙂 but I have not picked up that much from the RCM. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  16. I haven't been stacking too long, but it does seem like privy marks are more about selling a product, and making a few more bucks off premium then it does producing coins.

    if it's a series, it makes sense, and I wouldn't mind having a complete series. but just seems with some they are stamping a privy for the sake of profit.

  17. I agree on your what to buy philosophy especially with  the plethora of privy Maples  out there (Einstein anyone?)   I am building the same tank in 1/35 scale as they have on the privy coin it is called a mark 5  not sure why they used the Roman numeral.I Think I will buy a couple just because of the coincidence.  Thanks for the great video.

  18. Nice Privs bud..thnx for sharing…I do agree that there are too many…but I still like them….I like the new Panda privy Maple as well but don't have any…they are sold out at most places and the premiums are already really high…So I would have to say that Privy's are a good investment (because they seem to increase in value each year)..I actually only have 2 privy's (2013 Snake Privy and 2014 Horse Privy)…lol..so I'm definitely not an expert on them…;)

  19. I have the Yin Yang and I'm getting more. They are so beautifully done
    I think the Titanic might do well also

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